Woman Discovers Bizarre Drawing In Zach Braff TV Show Poster, And Twitter Had Answers

Comedian Emily Heller had some questions about the new Zach Braff comedy Alex, Inc. and Twitter was there for her. After seeing a promo shot for the TV show, she noticed a drawing in the corner and simply couldn’t get past it. Heller took to Twitter, determined to get to the bottom of this puzzle wrapped in a riddle.

The photo seems straightforward enough:

But this… this outdated iPod? It was just too much. What did it mean? Why was it there?

Writer Andrew Michael Flynn offered a suggestion:

But Heller wasn’t having any of that nonsense:

Not everyone was seeing the problem:

The conversation was not going where Emily wanted it to go:

Way to take control of your social media platform, girl. Others tip-toed forward to share some thoughts:

Of course, there’s always this option:

H/T: Twitter