Woman Shares Creepy Photo Of Her Mom’s Doll House, And The Internet Is Spooked

Is it just us or is there something inherently creepy about dollhouses? Perhaps their realistic nature places them in the uncanny valley, or maybe their old-fashioned decorations reminds us of a ghostly era long passed, but, whatever the reason, many great horror movies have featured dolls prominently in their stories. Most of those films, however, didn’t even imagine what might be the most frightening situation involving a dollhouse: you’re looking through the world of the house when, without warning, you glance out the window and see… A GIANT CAT!

The image affected many Twitter users…

Perhaps this should be a new movie trope?

One Twitter user mocked up what the movie poster might look like and it was… bone chilling.

Some people distracted themselves from their fear by appreciating the reference to Life of Pi.

But Twitter couldn’t stay distracted for long. After all, this image is the stuff of nightmares.

Another fear-inducing prospect: painting a doll-house!

But wait… is the dollhouse tiny or is the cat huge?

Stay vigilant, Twitter. You never know when the cat is going to strike…

H/T – Twitter, Georgia Castellano