10+ Extreme Teacher Fails That Make Us Miss Going To School In A Big Way

As much as we thought our teachers knew it all when we were kids, the fact is, they are not immune to mishaps and mistakes. They are human after all. 

The only difference now is that they get called out on it on social media for us all to revel in.

Sorry teachers, we love you but we couldn’t help laughing at these utter fails. 

1- Who? WHAT? Where? W(H)at’s missing?

2- Don’t get too “testy!” 

3- Sit down McFly. 

4- Booty can be treasure. That’s history! 

5- Sometimes we’re all asleep at the wheel. 

6- Set an example. Risk big!! 

7- Let’s keep personal and professional separate. 

8- Don’t be needy. 

9- There is this new, amazing thing called “Uber,” It’s literally everywhere. Just saying Professor.  

10- Glasses help when you’re punching the keys. 

11- Take it all! Don’t question. 

12- Whoops! Not that slide, but… let’s take a second to look. 

Nobody is infallible, teachers especially. Now go phone a few and thank them for their service. 

H/T : BuzzFeed