Kal Penn Just Tweeted An Awkward Text Exchange Between Him And His Dad

Every child complains about their parents treating them like they’re younger than they are. If you could only listen in at households all over America, you might hear things like, “Don’t treat me like a baby!” or “Mom, I’m a grown ass woman.” or “Geez Dad, I am an adult now.”

But no matter how old or accomplished we become, it seems parents will always see us as their babies and always worry about our well-being—checking in on us, giving unsolicited advice, and moving our hair out of our faces. 

Which is why every so often, we as the “kids” need to do a little something to shake things up in the world of overprotective parenting and remind them that we are, in fact, adults.

It seems Kal Penn, actor and Former White House Associate Director of Public Engagement, was doing just that when he good-naturedly ribbed his dad about a check-in via text. Except, Penn’s pops is on his toes and he ended up getting the better of the younger Penn. 

Ever the good sport, Penn gave the win to his father publicly, sharing it on Twitter for all to see.

People appreciated reading the conversation. Some could totally commiserate:

Others riffed on Penn’s father misspelling “quake”:

But the real story is 45 unread text messages. WHY???!!!

Regardless of what you thought of the text exchange, I think we can all agree:

H/T: Twitter