Pat Robertson Says He’s ‘Dominated By Homosexuals,’ And Kathy Griffin Responded

It all started when Pat Robertson, everyone’s favorite racist and queer-phobic evangelical, appeared on The 700 Club this past Tuesday.

In the interview, Robertson said…

Lesbians, 1% of the population, homosexuals, 2% of the population, that’s all. That’s statistically all. They have dominated, dominated the, uh, media. They’ve dominated the cultural shift. And they have infiltrated the major universities. It’s just unbelievable what’s being done.

The full interview can be seen here.

Never mind the fact that lesbians are homosexuals. And let’s overlook the slightly fudged statistics. There was one person who felt that ‘homosexuals dominating’ was a good thing — comedian Kathy Griffin. Griffin has basically been in exile since a risque photo shoot involving a certain President. She has revealed her questioning by the FBI and Secret Service, the death threats, and an altogether harrowing part of her life in various interviews over the last few weeks as she has reemerged in the spotlight. But now, it’s a tweet that’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

On Friday, Griffin decided to respond to Robertson:

Many people had harsh words for Robertson:

Others were looking on the bright side of gay domination:

But mostly, people were just there for Kathy Griffin:

Welcome back, Kathy.

H/T: Twitter