Stephen King Reviewed ‘A Quiet Place’ On Twitter, And John Krasinski Just Responded

The much-anticipated horror film A Quiet Place hit theaters on Friday to widespread critical acclaim. Among those championing its unique direction — in particular its use of silence to create suspense — was none other than the Master of Horror himself, Stephen King.

Here’s what Mr. King had to say: 

King’s praise of the film got everyone talking:

And those who have seen the film are in total agreement with King:

It turns out director John Krasinski, who stars in the film alongside real-life spouse Emily Blunt, saw King’s tweet and was floored by his assessment. 

Here’s Krasinski’s response:

Twitter users were understandably happy for Krasinski:

People tried to imagine how The Office star looked upon reading King’s complimentary tweet:

At this point, Krasinski may be wondering, how do I go up from here?

So be sure to forgo the popcorn in favor of a silent snack (perhaps Twizzlers). And unwrap that package before the movie begins to avoid the cacophony of crinkling cellophane. In a theater playing what sounds like this year’s best thriller, it might just get you killed.

H/T: Twitter