These Savagely Honest And Hilarious Store Signs Just Made Us Customers For Life

Competition in business is tough, so if you can get creative with your promotional materials, that can help you really stand out from the crowd and make a strong impression to keep customers coming back.

But sometimes, businesses go the extra mile to make us laugh, and we are totally here for it. 

More of this please!

1- Cheese with an Annie Lennox twist! Now that’s how you sell cheese! 

2- Way to poop on the competition. LOL

3- Hands to yourself. 

4- Way to be pre prepared for kids today. 

5- When you appreciate the staff, the staff appreciates others.

6- Honesty is an admirable policy. 

7- Build temptation… GENIUS! 

8- Ain’t nothing free in life, just in case you weren’t aware. 

9- Warning! Ink is hard to get out! 

10- I see what you did there. Very clever. 

11- With great power comes great responsibility. 

12- When you’re good to Mama… Mama is good to you!! 

13- Let’s just talk truth! 

14- I can spot a phony real quick. 

15- Oh Mitch! 

16- Thank you! I’m not the only one who knows those are useless. 

17- True that! 

18- Oh the irony. 

19- Accessories at cost a must! 

20- Muti-tasking necessity. 

21- You know you want it. 

22- Sleep is overrated. 

23- Teach them well and let them lead the way. 

24- Donut worry. I’ll be back! 

25- It’s a hard economy. I’ll take whatever you got! 

H/T  : BoredPanda