Woman Tweets Bizarre News Website Headline Fail, Until It Got More Complicated

A series of tweets from New Zealand comedian and 2018 Billy T award nominee Melanie Bracewell gave everyone whiplash Friday evening as well as a few good laughs. The tweets concerned some squirrel monkeys at the Wellington Zoo. The first tweet showed two news headlines side-by-side. The first alleged that a monkey was missing from its habitat and was believed to have been stolen. But hold the banana! The monkey was just hiding, according to the second headline.

“What a rollercoaster,” Bracewell tweeted:

Twitter users had a blast commenting on the whiplash journalism:

Okay, everyone relax. The monkey’s fine. After all, nothing happened. Or did it?

It turns out there was some monkey business after all:  

It turns out someone did break into the monkey enclosure at New Zealand’s Wellington Zoo on Friday night after it had closed. The intruder used bolt cutters and was thought to be trying to steal one of the 12 monkeys. Luckily they managed to fend off the thief.

The team leader of primates, Harmony Neale, found the monkeys scared, bruised, and scratched the next morning. He thought one of them was missing but later found the monkey hiding. Other than being shaken up and a bit battered, all twelve of the monkeys are okay. They will all undergo a full health check in the upcoming days, according to officials at the zoo, a not-for-profit charitable trust and Wellington’s oldest conservation organization.

The seriousness of the crime did not stop Twitter users from monkeying around: 

The perpetrator was the obvious loser in this battle, as evidenced by their inability to successfully make off with one of the monkeys. But according to chief executive Karen Fifield, there might be some telltale signs as to who the culprit was because they would have “some monkey bites, for sure.” 

Let’s hope the monkeys made a memorable impression.

But that’s not the end of it! The next day, Rihanna was ensnared in a high-stakes monkeynapping theory:

Before you chalk it all up to coincidence…

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