Bryce Dallas Howard Admits She’s Been ‘Wimpy’ About Asking To Be Paid More In The Past

It’s a lesson we can all learn. Know your worth and be willing to walk away. Of course it’s tricky when there is always a threat of being replaced because others agreeing to work for less wait in the wings. It’s a vicious circle that exploits all workers whether they are in retail, media or entertainment. 

Actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, admits she hasn’t always been the best at fighting for herself, but she’s getting better. In a recent interview with Redbook, says she also understands that it’s easier to fight for an equal wage when you already live with financial security.

I know that we’re privileged; we don’t have to worry about paying our rent or our medical bills. But I wish people knew that this is what the life of most successful female celebrities is. What we get paid is totally, completely, astronomically different than what male celebrities get paid. And for women of color, it’s a hundred times worse.

Of course it’s not easy to stay the course, especially if you live in fear of losing your job. The power is one sided and not easy to negotiate. According to Howard:

 I’ve been [wimpy] about it in the past. I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t grateful for opportunities. I also get scared off by every threat during a negotiation. They’ll say, ‘We’ll just have to find someone else,’ and I back off. You can’t do that.

Although Howard discussed the importance of wage equality, and fair pay, the people seem to be more interested in the fact that she’s pretty.


H/T: People