Fans Are Speculating How Amazon’s $1 Billion Adaption Of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Could Turn Out

News broke on April 5 that Amazon’s upcoming adaption of The Lord of the Rings might be the most expensive TV show ever made. Amazon purchased the rights to J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved stories in November 2017 for $250 million, but once all costs have been included, the guaranteed five-season series may cost over $1 billion. Fans of the beloved franchise are tentatively excited and not-so-secretly worried about the direction a new adaption might take, and they’re expressing their feelings on Twitter:

Having such high stakes for any creative endeavor can be dangerous…

It could be very easy to screw up the story:

Then again, a genuine star might be born if Amazon subverts our expectations…

Tolkien fans are famously picky about adaptions of his works:

Still, the prospect of a full LOTR TV show does have it’s upsides.

Fans are speculating about who will play the new Fellowship:

While others are already tuning out the reboot:

But some are holding out hope for a masterpiece no one expects…

Meanwhile, all the non-LOTR fans of the world are reacting the same way:

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