Oklahoma Mom ‘Embarrassed’ That Blake Shelton Used To Own Daughter’s Textbook—And For Good Reason

One mother in Oklahoma got quite a surprise when her daughter came home with a textbook that was once used by country superstar Blake Shelton. That would be cool if the little girl got the book as a collector’s item, considering Blake attended school nearly 40 years ago. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

The child received the textbook as a part of her school supplies, and while she was pretty jazzed, Mom thought it painted a perfect picture of exactly how underfunded the school system of Oklahoma really is.

She posted about it on Facebook:

The conversation didn’t stay only on Facebook for long, though. Before she knew it, people on all kinds of social media were battling it out. 

Some didn’t think it was a big deal for a child to use a 40-year-old text book:

While others were as horrified as the mom was:

This person really gave us something to think about when it comes to the age of the book. We’re talking about how many years passed between Blake Shelton using this textbook and this little girl getting it.

What most are failing to consider is this:

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H/T: Mashable, Facebook, Twitter