Sarah Sanders Just Called Trump ‘The Best Negotiator At The Table’—And Twitter Can’t Even

At a press conference on Friday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that President Trump is “the best negotiator at the table” when responding to a question about the United States’ ongoing trade war with China.

Here’s the clip:

When asked about the issue by ABC journalist Jonathan Karl, Sanders also stated, “we certainly have full confidence in his ability.”

Twitter had a field day with Sanders’ brazen assertions:

Adam Best, film producer and CEO/Founder of The Left, had this to say:

Peeps brought out their lists:

This one is a real burn:

Based on his time in office so far, the President’s negotiating track record doesn’t look good. As some pointed out, issues including immigration reform, a replacement for DACA and Obamacare, and a real solution to gun violence are all awaiting proper negotiations.

Too many failures to list, apparently:

Let’s hope Trump’s negotiations don’t muddle the trade war — which affects steel, aluminum, soybeans, beef, cotton, and other products — too much.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter, ABC News