Texas Teacher’s Facebook Post Slamming ‘Disrespectful’ Students And Parents Goes Viral

It’s no secret that teachers in this country are an underappreciated lot, working long hours for low pay, with little to no budgetary support, many forced to spend their own money to ensure kids have basic school supplies. Still, new dedicated and passionate teachers hit classrooms each year to try and make a difference in the lives of our nation’s kids. Many do it without complaint but more recently teachers have been getting vocal on social media. Just last July, an Oklahoma teacher, Teresa Danks, panhandled on the side of the road to bring attention to the budget issues facing most teachers these days.

Late last month Julie Marburger, a sixth grade teacher at Cedar Creek Intermediate School in Texas, decided she’d had enough of “disrespectful” students and their parents. Marburger posted her complaints and an announcement that she would be “leaving teaching at the end of this year,” along with some photos she took of the state of her classroom at the end of each day.

As Marburger wrapped up her comments she said:

Many will say I shouldn’t be posting such things on social media…But I don’t care anymore. 

Marburger’s rant went viral and she had plenty of support on her page — especially from other teachers:

But there were those who saw things a bit differently and placed the blame elsewhere:

And Marburger’s pictures didn’t elicit quite the reaction she was expecting from some people:

No matter how you feel about Marburger’s post, Laura seems to have the right idea:

H/T: Indy100, BoredPanda, Twitter