‘Empire Records’ Star’s Tweet About ‘Rex Manning Day’ Is Really Morbid

First we lost River Phoenix, then we lost Kurt Cobain. It was a one-two punch to everything moody, plaid, and totally rage-y. We suffered hard. Shortly after Cobain’s suicide a small indie film Empire Record. began shooting. Although never a huge success it did go on to become a cult classic leading people to this day to still celebrate the fictional Rex Manning Day. 

In the film, pop-star Rex Manning is set to visit Empire Records on April 8. It has always seemed like a random date until actor Ethan Embry, who played Mark in Empire Records sent out the following tweet.

See how deep the 90’s were? Twitter gets it. 

Folks celebrate the film and the day with #RexManningDay. 

There is also news of an Empire Records Broadway Musical. 

This announcement is making people feel things.

H/T: Billboard, Uproxx