Twitter Just Realized That Dogs Are Really The Key To A Successful Relationship

British author Aaron Gillies pretty much just solved all of our relationship woes, you guys. It turns out most of us may be overcomplicating things. We all want love and affection and loyalty, but maybe we shouldn’t focus on getting those things from a human partner. So what should we be looking for in a relationship? 

Dogs. The answer is dogs.

Forget all that other stuff, and just make it about puppers. Even if it’s bad, there are still dog pics, and that’s always good.

Twitter users seemed to agree:

All this talk led to a parade of puppy pics. We know that’s what you’re here for, so let’s get this party started: 

So, um… now that we’ve talked about all these dogs… does that mean we’re in a relationship together? Congrats, internet. You’re now my bae.

H/T: Twitter