Sarah Palin Says She Would Run Again For VP ‘In A Heartbeat’—And We Can’t Even

Back in the news again, for some reason, former Alaska Governor and failed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said “Heck yeah,” when asked if she would ever consider running for high office again. 

Speaking with Fox News’ Mark Levin, Palin also talked about her 2008 campaign and what she would have done differently in hindsight. 

I’d have pushed back harder on some of those who were trying to mold me  into something that I was not during the campaign. I would  have pushed back and gotten more truth out there.

When Levin asked Palin if she would consider running for Vice President again Palin answered, “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Unfortunately for Palin, people didn’t share the same level of enthusiasm about her return. 

And many just wondered, “Why are we still talking about her?”

But others had to admit, Palin would probably fit right in with the Trump administration. 

With the midterm elections coming up, the GOP should consider some radical campaign strategies, like having better candidates. 

H/T – Politico