Security Camera Catches Brutal Attack On Gay Couple After Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade

Accompanied by their lawyer, four men turned themselves in to the Miami Beach Police today following their savage attack on a same-sex couple after Sunday’s gay pride parade. 

The victims, Rene Chalarca and his boyfriend Dmitry Logunov, were exiting a public restroom when they were attacked by the four assailants. Helmut Muller was passing by when the assault occurred and tried to break up the fight. After being hit by one of the attackers, Muller was knocked unconscious when his head hit the pavement. Chalarca told police one of the suspects used anti-LGBTQ slurs during the attack.

There is no indication yet if the assault will be prosecuted as a hate crime, but according to Logunov that appeared to be the motive. 

We probably provoked them because we were walking together, holding hands. It was gay pride. South Beach was full of gay people.

Twitter was outraged by the unprovoked and cowardly attack. 

And many wondered why people like the attackers still exist. 

On Tuesday, after a two day search, Miami Beach Police announced the four suspects had surrendered.

People were grateful they would be held accountable for their crimes.

Despite how far we’ve come, the attack shows how far we have to go and the importance of pride parades.

H/T – HuffPost