‘Full Frontal’ Just Slammed Paul Ryan’s Early Retirement In A Scathing Tweet

Speaker Paul Ryan announced his plans to retire following the end of his final term. Opting to not serve another term and instead spend time with his wife and three children, the speaker of the house will begin his retirement before he even enters his fifties. 

Ryan will continue to serve until the re-elections in January of 2019. 

Despite his controversial coverage in the press and close relationship to President Donald Trump, Ryan has insisted that his reason for leaving is for the sake of his children and family. With almost two decades spent in Congress, Ryan explained that he no longer wanted to be a “weekend dad” and be absent to his three teenage children. 

Samantha Bee of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee took to Twitter to discuss his premature retirement plans:

She didn’t have a problem pointing out her disgust with him leaving at the ripe age of 48 – especially considering a lot of people are facing the possibility of being forced to work beyond their retirement. 

Can someone be employed from the grave? Half-serious question, at this point. 

People agreed and made a mention that there are plenty of working-class citizens maintain two or three jobs at a time, sacrificing sleep and time spent with family to survive:

On top of those concerns, a lot of people are baffled at how he plans on leaving in this current political climate…

Some have argued that while he has done next to nothing to make a positive impact in his recent position, the speaker of the house sure has made an impact nonetheless. 

And that he could use a hefty amount of tax dollars to secure a polished, decades-long pension…

Ryan has not responded to the post. Perhaps he has already taken to shining his golf clubs, in preparation for retirement?

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