Man Who Lost 70 Pounds Posts Transformation Photos, And People Totally Lost It

Jeffrey Kendall recently shared his weight loss story on Reddit and the website Kendall included before and after pics and the internet went bonkers for it. Not only did the 26-year-old lose more than “70 pounds in well over 100 weeks worth of work,” but it turns out he looks like a prince.

Just exactly which one is still up for debate but one thing’s for sure—people love this guy’s hair.

Kendall was an overweight kid who was bullied. By his own admission, he struggled with body image and confidence issues for most of his life. Then his mom got sick—really sick. 

As Jeffrey told his story on Love What Matters:

My mom suffered a brain aneurysm on July 4, 2015. She was in a coma and rehab hospitals for 7 months until they deemed she had plateaued and was to be released since insurance would no longer cover her.

Kendall started his weight loss journey shortly before his mother was set to be released to come home from the rehabilitation center. 

He credits a friend with helping him get into shape, starting with:

…a light barbell workout and [I] agreed to do pushups every day. Soon I was waking up and going for walks while listening to uplifting music… I started jogging and doing sprints, pushing myself a little more and more. I sought new ways to work out…I began doing yoga and working out almost every day.

But Kendall’s story didn’t get nearly as much attention as his new look did. 

Twitter users seemed more concerned with discussing which prince he looks most like…

Though admittedly he was pretty awesome looking before…

And his hair is so long and lustrous…

But what kind of shampoo does he use?

It seems Kendall is looking to cash in on his newfound royal visage, hoping for an acting or modeling career—one that no doubt comes with less of a princely sum and maybe more of a King’s ransom.

H/T: BoredPanda, LoveWhatMatters, Instagram