Someone Just Photoshopped A Picture Of Mark Zuckerberg To Look Like ‘Data’ From ‘Star Trek’

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has been criticized and condemned after he testified regarding the recent data scandal. He has been attempting to address the public backlash and save the face of his social media site for several months to no avail. 

Now, after being pressed with a series of tough questions by members of Congress, it doesn’t appear as though things are going in that direction. 

But along with what was said throughout the two-day testimony, others have shifted the attention to the famous social media mogul and his strange appearance. 

Some said that he appeared to be a lot paler than usual, and that he appeared to be less human, and a bit more robotic. That, of course, inspired a ton of memes, one in particular which compared him to Data from Star Trek.

Matthew Teague was quick to realize (and share) this coincidental comparison:

Data is an android who appears to be human which, of course, eggs on this whole concept of him being a robot. 

Mark Zuckerberg testifying about a data scandal, all while looking like a fictional android named Data? Once-in-a-lifetime pun. 

Then, someone decided to go the extra mile and photoshop a photo of him testifying. And the result is pretty spot-on…

There is some serious resemblance here…

But appearances aside, some argue that the fictional android might actually be more human than Zuckerberg…

And a plethora of fans deemed the comparison as flat-out offensive:

Data deserves better. 

Could this further prove the possibility of Robot Mark Zuckerberg? Perhaps.

Apologies to those who, like us, will no longer be able to watch another Star Trek movie without seeing Mark Zuckerberg. 

H / T – Mashable