Stephen Colbert Reveals How Trump’s Own Words Might Have Caused Raid On His Lawyer

Late Show host Stephen Colbert returned from vacation on Monday with guns blazing. After a brief greeting, he immediately dove into the latest chapter of the Stormy Daniels controversy—the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen earlier that day. 

After showing a clip of Trump aboard Air Force One denying any knowledge of Cohen’s $130,000 “out-of-pocket” payment to the porn star just prior to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Colbert said, “Trump trusts his lawyer so much he lets him do stuff he doesn’t know about in his name for reasons he doesn’t understand.”

He then jokingly speculated about how Trump’s own words, “Well, you’ll have to ask Michael Cohen [about the payment],” could have triggered the raid.

Here’s the clip:

Twitterers appreciated his sense of humor:

And fans of the show were happy to have Colbert back from vacation:

Many commenters were hopeful that the raid will result in more bad news for Trump:

But of course there were those of a different mind:

President Trump seemed none too pleased with the raid, tweeting:

David had a response to that:

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter, CBS