Amazon Alexa Is At It Again—But This Time She’s Spouting A Debunked Conspiracy Theory

Alexa, Amazon’s in-home virtual assistant, has been acting kind of strange lately. Whether it’s maniacally laughing, unprompted, or waking it’s owners up in the middle of the night with strange screams, it seems her technology is far from infallible. The string of strange behaviors has now expanded into conspiracy theories: users discovered that if you ask Alexa about chemtrails, she gives a rather disturbing answer.

Alexa’s opinion came right out of a conspiracy theorist’s handbook…

Chemtrails aren’t real. The cloud-like vapor you can see behind planes are contrails, condensation caused by rapidly cooling water vapor coming from the aircraft. A study in Environmental Research Letters found “76 out of 77 atmospheric chemists and geochemists found no evidence supporting a chemical spraying program by aircraft.” 

Fortunately, Amazon quickly corrected the problem once it was reported:

But that didn’t stop conspiracy theorists from spreading the word on Twitter!

It’s unclear at this time whether Alexa was hacked by a malevolent agent, but citizens can rest easy: we may be polluting the environment way more than we should, but the government is not pouring toxic chemicals into the skies via planes for unknown reasons. At least we’ve got that going for us!

H/T – Mashable, YouTube