Arizona Bill Requiring Women Seeking An Abortion To Give A Reason Why Is Close To Becoming Law

On Monday, Arizona lawmakers passed SB 1394 by a Republican majority of 35-22.  The bill which was passed by the Arizona State House of Representatives and introduced by Senators Barto, Allen S, Burges, Fann, Farnsworth D, Gray, Griffin, Kavanagh, Kerr, Petersen, Pratt, Smith, Yee and Representatives Allen J, Barton, Campbell, Finchem, Grantham, Mesnard, Mosley, Norgaard, Nutt, Payne, Thorpe, and Toma dealt a huge blow to women’s rights in the state. 

The new invasive bill makes it a requirement for women seeking an abortion to provide their reason for having the procedure through an extensive questionnaire.

According to HuffPost, women would have to answer questions like, “whether the abortion is elective for economic reasons, if the pregnancy was from a rape or incest, if the woman does not want children at this time, if the abortion is due to fetal or maternal health, and if the patient is having ‘relationship issues’ such as domestic abuse or an extramarital affair.”

Commenters on Twitter were outraged:

State Rep. Athena Salman (D) opposes the controversial bill. She said, “It’s none of the government’s business why a woman is getting an abortion.”

Mary was of the same mindset: 

Though women would not be forced to reveal their identity, the questionnaire would require them to provide details regarding previous pregnancies and abortions, as well as age, race, ethnicity, educational background, and marital status.

Commenters had no love for Arizona:

Executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, Jodi Liggett, had this to say:

This is about making the abortion experience as shaming and degrading as possible for people, to thereby discourage them from following through with their decision. Nothing more.

Nice litany of hashtags: 

If you live in Arizona and want to let your state legislators know exactly what you think of SB 1394, you now have a list (in the first paragraph) of those responsible for such a humiliating bill. Share your opinion at the polls.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter