Parents Are Just Discovering Cardi B, And Their Kids Are Both Baffled And Entertained

You know Cardi B. She’s only the hottest sensation in hip hop — climbing to the top of the charts, casually slaying everyone in sight, as one does. Following a few hit singles like “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi,” she released her long-awaited album Invasion of Privacy on April 6. 

But that isn’t all! She wasted no time announcing her pregnancy with boyfriend and fellow rapper Offset during a taped performance of Saturday Night Live.

Basically, Cardi B is on top of the world right now:

But it turns out that up until now, a lot of people had no clue who she was — especially parents. She did have a rapid rise to fame, becoming one of the most buzzed-about celebrities in a matter of months. But still, a lot of parents had never even heard of her!

Now a lot of dads are discovering the hip hop mogul, and their reactions are pretty hilarious:

Like, he basically met the queen and had absolutely no idea. Wild.

Cardi B? Carny B? Same difference, right?

A lot of parents don’t know how to feel about the superstar rapper.

Maybe Dad is doing a thesis on Cardi B? Talk about overthinking song lyrics…

While some are trying to be hip and hop on the #CardiBTrain…

Welcome to 2018, moms and dads. Glad you’ve made it – okurrr!

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