Queen Elizabeth Just Roasted Trump And Obama In A Rare Display Of Her Sense Of Humor

Queen Elizabeth isn’t known for being a shady queen on a daily basis. She’s more of a selective shade-thrower, the way we imagine proper British humor to be. 

Recently, footage found it’s way to Twitter that has people clapping for her royal snarkiness. Her outdoor interview with Sir David Attenborough was interrupted by circling helicopters; an annoyance to be sure. The Queen quipped: 

“Why do they always go round and round when you want to talk?” 

One of the helicopters makes a long, low, rumbling sound – imagine God after a late-night run for tacos. Even the Queen knows when the universe sets you up for a joke that perfectly, you have to go for it. She casually remarked: 

“It sounds like President Trump… or  President Obama.” 

Check out the clip on Twitter.

Yeah, people enjoyed the burn. 

People were seriously into the Queen and Sir Attenborough as a dynamic duo.

Royal shade is the best shade.  

H/T: People, Twitter