Ryan Reynolds Just Trolled Hugh Jackman’s Sweet Anniversary Message To His Wife

Hugh Jackman is known as a loving family man, and Ryan Reynolds is well known as a practical joker, so when those two worlds collide, you know it’s going to be something special.

So when Jackman tweeted this adorable, sugary sweet anniversary message:

Reynolds had to weigh in with his trademark snark:

Needless to even point out, his guess was a smidge off:

Some might think of him as jealous, and who could argue with that? Wolverine and Deadpool?

It’s an unlikely match but stranger things have happened in Hollywood:

Reynolds trolling his best bud on such a significant occasion makes him Deadpool IRL…

Basically. Twitter agrees:

But all jokes aside, a lot of people can’t get enough of this couple (Jackman and Furness, not Jackman and Reynolds). I mean, 22 years? Maybe love is still alive and well after all. 

Can you say relationship goals?

Congrats to Hugh and Deb. To 22 years, and 22 more! Sorry, Ryan.

H / T – Twitter