These Incredibly Bizarre ‘Overheard’ Stories Have Us Scratching Our Heads… Hard

Sometimes the most entertaining activity in life is people watching, OR, people listening.  You will catch the most interesting conversations by chance or, for a real good time just put on a pair of headphones but leave the volume off. 

Oh the things you’ll learn about your fellow humans. Some may call that eavesdropping. I call it free theatre for the living. 

Twitter recently took inventory of some of the best and oddest ‘overheard’ conversations. And the completely ‘out there’ moments may leave you in slight disbelief. 

1- Homo, Homeo? Potato, Po-tot-oe? We get the gist. 

2- Dinosaurs? Birds and the bees? Battle of the sexes? Whatever… as long as the information is correct. 

3- I’d rather weigh myself in vodka. 

4- That’s a fetish best saved for 21 and over. 

5- Only rent? I’d also be charging you for insurance, utilities and my therapist’s bill. 

6- Mama can you hear me? Mama can see me?

7- Mr. 305 may disagree. 

8- I get it, time is so abstract. You’re deep. 

9- Oh how exciting for her. 

10- I’m going to need proof. Any witnesses?

11- Food for thought. 

12- But who wouldn’t love walls made of cotton candy?

13- 50 Shades of Rocky Road? Yes please.   

14- The Biebs is a lot of things, but a rapper? I think not. 

15- Maybe it’s time to learn something new. 

16- Didn’t I see him in an episode of  “Grey’s Anatomy?”

17- Dang Elementary school has gotten rough. 

18- “Benefits?” For  sixth graders? Y’all better be talking about sharing pilfered test answers. 

19- Excuse me friend. Say that sentence once more but, real slow and listen close. 

20- Oh Canada! 

21- The Kardashians should be a little quieter in public. 

Careful everyone, there is always a set of functioning ears within reach. 

H/T : Twitter