These Stories About Incredibly Weird Roommates Just Made Ours Look So Much Better

In this day and age, for a ton of people it’s outrageously unaffordable to live on your own. The bills overflow faster than the booze we choose to drown our sorrows in. So the only alternative next to living with mom and dad is having a roommate, or six. And if you’re in college a roomie is just a given. 

These sort of living situations whether you’re in school or re-enacting ‘The Golden Girls’ can often lead to some bizarre and hilarious stories. So recently Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to share their tales of roommate hilarity or hysteria and connect it to the hashtag… #MyWeirdRoommate. 

The response was incredible in soooo many ways. There are some characters out there. And after I finished reading I cried tears of joy for my roommate! You will too. Let the floodgates open. #MyWeirdRoommate

1- Meow to you. No… meow to you. 

2- Ole McDonald had a farm… 

3- Thoughtful but strange. 

4- Don’t doubt yourself dude. 

5- This one is still a keeper. 

6- The power of Christ compels you!

7- Somethings you can just never unsee. 

8- And how does it feel?

9- The stalker watches the murderer. There’s a Dateline episode.

10- Oh now THAT is war!

11- Paging Nurse Ratchet!

12- Ok, now that is a serious ‘Single White Female’ situation. 

13- Emily Post would be proud. 

14- Some fetishes are just not worth trying. 

15- There is therapy territory. 

16- Sorry, four is a crowd. 

17- Now there is filthy talk for the litter box. 

18- Thief! Keep your paws off my drawers. 

19- Well at least you didn’t drown. 

20- A multi-tasking never nude! 

21- Buy her a gallon of Drano… maybe she’ll take the hint.

22- Honesty is the best policy. 

23- Fatal Attraction 2….

24- How does he clean his birthday suit?

25- Don’t Set Fire to the Rain….

26- What died in that fridge? Expiration dates are imperative. 

Makes you want to overlook those small things that peeved you earlier. No? Let’s all live alone. It’s the sanest way. 

H/T : BoredPanda