These Incredibly Stupid ‘Family Feud’ Answer Fails Just Made Us Feel So Much Smarter

Steve Harvey has a special face for occasions like this:

It is stressful to think on your feet, and it shows sometimes on Family Feud.  

For example, the infamous “Name a yellow fruit” question:

But at least that was a fruit.  Staying on the topic of food, what happened here?:

And maybe this guy was just TOO hungry:

And then some people just really like pointing out the obvious:

And then there’s contestants and their weird obsession with penises.


And then there are the people who just do NOT know things.

Like how pregnancy works.

Or what a bird is.

Yet somehow they do know that weird myth about the gerbil….

And the story of Goldilocks…

But not geography.

Or the animal kingdom.

Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school, babes.

H/T: YouTube