John Legend’s Daughter Luna Adorably Claps Along While He Performs New Song On ‘Ellen’

 John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna was having a fine old time clapping along to her father while he performed on Ellen. Of course it was adorable. What else could it be? It’s a baby, clapping along while her father appears on television. It has adorable written all over it. 

 Lucky for us, Legend tweeted the video so we could all bask in the adorableness of it all.   

See? I didn’t lie. Adorable. And Twitter fully agreed. 

Not only was it adorable it was cute too. 

Not only was she adorable and cute, but she is also precious. 

We’re not even close to being done. Not only is Luna adorable, cute and precious, she’s also beautiful…

… and lovely.

You may wonder how can this baby be all these things. The answer is simple. Because she’s an angel. 

H/T: Bustle