When Newly-Hatched Baby Owls Casually Peer In After Hatching On Your Windowsill ❤️

With a monotonous stream of phone calls and memos, the nine to five life can get overwhelmingly mundane. Luckily, Mother Nature just bestowed a gift upon this office that is certain to keep the boredom away and boost employee morale sky high.

Professor Michael Lens snapped a picture of the new birds on his colleague’s windowsill. The owls have been chilling there since their birth, to the joy of every employee.

Twitter soon swooped in.

A few imagined how these birds would affect productivity.

And it turns out more people have their own owl stories than we would’ve thought.

The owls will likely fly the coop—er, sill—once they’re a bit older. However, for now, the professors can’t get enough of the view.

H/T: Twitter