The ‘Saddest Dog On The Internet’ Is The Newest Social Media Superstar, And We Get It

Let me introduce you to Madame Eyebrows.

She is named because of two colored patches of fur above her eyes that look like eyebrows….and also force her to look sad all the time.

In truth she’s as excitable and happy as any dog:

It’s just those “eyebrows”.

And some clever Instagram captioning by her owners.

Is there a picture of Madame Eyebrows you particularly relate to?

Like when you lose the beauty pageant:

Or when it’s a Monday again:

Or when you’re just too down to properly apologize:

Or when you find out your bag is a knock-off but you paid full price:

Madame Eyebrows has you covered on the spectrum of “sad”.

H/T: Instagram