A Woman Asked Her Boyfriend For A Paper Clip, And His Response Went Viral

We don’t know about your organizational skills when it comes to office supplies, but we can almost never find a paper clip. They’re like all those missing socks that disappear into the ether. We know we had them at some point but have no idea where they are when we need them. 

Ciara was looking for a paper clip at her boyfriend’s place, so she texted him. His reply was oddly specific:

Look at that! He wasn’t wrong.

When BuzzFeed asked Riley how he knew exactly where Ciara could find a paperclip, he said:

I don’t have any paper clips and someone gave me that one. I was leaving my room in a hurry and dropped it and remembered where it was, because it was my only one.

IT WAS HIS ONLY ONE. And it turns out people could relate:

But maybe it’s not just a guy thing?

A few people focused on other things in the pics:

Most recognized the boyfriend’s organizational skills for what they really are:

Or maybe it really is a guy thing:

The internet is a strange and wondrous place.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter