The New ‘Incredibles’ Trailer Has People Losing It Over Frozone’s Wife

Fans of Disney’s superhero movie The Incredibles (2004) have been waiting a long time for a sequel — and the wait is nearly over. Hitting theaters June 15, just in time for summer vacation, sneak peeks and trailers for The Incredibles 2 have fans brimming with excitement.

A new trailer released April 13 has generated excitement about one character in particular. The funny thing is, she’s never even made a physical appearance. Kimberly Adair Clark lends her voice to the character Honey Best, also known as Frozone’s wife, and fans love her sassy attitude and comic relief.

Here’s the full trailer. You can hear Honey chastising Frozone at the very end.

Fans went wild. Like ALL CAPS WILD:

Many Twitter users agreed she was the best part of the trailer and even the original movie:

Fans are hopeful that Honey will make an appearance in the sequel, and maybe even get some superpowers:

Peeps have missed her sass:

H/T: Twitter