Scrabble Just Added New Words To The Game For Their 70th Anniversary

Hasboro is celebrating the 7o-year anniversary of the popular word game Scrabble by adding new words to Merriam-Webster’s The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. The current update will mark the sixth edition of the official game book.

Some of the 300+ new words included in the latest edition include, “facepalm”, “Emoji” and “Puggle.” 

Peter Sokolowski, editor at large at Merriam-Webster, explained the need for the latest update:

For a living language, the only constant is change. New dictionary entries reflect our language and our culture, including rich sources of new words such as communication technology and food terms from foreign languages The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary evolves to keep up with English as it is used today.

The Scrabble dictionary will be available September 2018. 

Meanwhile, Twitter celebrated Scrabble Day! 

People shared their Scrabble memories:

And suggested games to play…

And offered this bit of trivia:

H/T: Entertainment Weekly