Another Judge Just Put A Stop To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman of the Western District of Washington delivered a blow to Donald Trump’s attempt to ban transgender people from the military. Citing a history of discrimination, Pechman ruled that transgender people are a protected group and that the injunction against the ban should stay. Pechman also noted the military ban is “unrelated to their ability to perform and contribute to society.”

Regarding the ban, Pechman wrote:

Transgender people have long been forced to live in silence, or to come out and face the threat of overwhelming discrimination. The Court also rules that, because transgender people have long been subjected to systemic oppression and forced to live in silence, they are a protected class. Therefore, any attempt to exclude them from military service will be looked at with the highest level of care, and will be subject to the Court’s ‘strict scrutiny.’ This means that before Defendants can implement the Ban, they must show that it was sincerely motivated by compelling interests, rather than by prejudice or stereotype, and that it is narrowly tailored to achieve those interests.

Trump has been criticized for claiming he consulted with military personal — including generals — about the ban. Pechman noted the government has failed to produce a single person with whom Trump consulted, even though there have been multiple orders to do so. This has confirmed the suspicion that Trump acted alone in concocting the ban before posting his now-infamous tweet.

Lambda Legal sent out a series of tweets praising the decision.

The news was met with enthusiasm from people on social media.

H/T: Huffington Post