Plane’s Mechanical Malfunction Led Everyone On Board To Believe ‘They Were About To Die’

Despite airlines’ safety record, there’s often a bit of irrational fear that goes hand-in-hand with traveling by plane. For passengers on a Qantas flight bound for Sydney the fear was very real. 

The A330 flight from Perth, Australia, to Sydney experienced a midair malfunction in the air conditioning system, which created complications in maintaining cabin pressure. Oxygen masks dropped from the overhead compartments and passengers began to fear the worst was happening.

The flight crew followed standard procedure, dropping to 10,000 feet and redirecting the plane to Melbourne, but apparently did little to calm any of the panicking passengers. 

People were being openly hysterical because the pilots were being so tight-lipped about the situation.

An elderly female passenger fainted, and was given first aid by a doctor on board. Other passengers were crying and sending goodbye messages to loved ones. Although passengers commended the cabin crew for keeping them calm, many criticized the airline for how they handled the incident afterwards. 

When we got off the plane we were not asked a thing, as far as I am concerned there was no after care for passengers and we were able to just walk off and disappear into the airport.

There were some props for Qantas and how professionally the crew handled the situation:

But others believed the incident was the result of larger problems plaguing Qantas:

For most passengers the scariest part of flying will be the ticket price, but aerophobia is very real for many people:

H/T – Indy100, Dailymail