Beyoncé Doesn’t Want Fans To Post Unflattering Pictures Of Her Coachella Performance Online

This year’s headliner for Coachella, the festival that attracts celebrities and music lovers alike, was none other than the Queen herself, Beyoncé. Her performance led to rapturous reviews. 

The New York Times reported:

Let’s just cut to the chase: There’s not likely to be a more meaningful, absorbing, forceful and radical performance by an American musician this year, or any year soon, than Beyoncé’s headlining set at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Saturday night. … As Beyoncé has gotten older, she’s been making music that’s increasingly visceral, both emotionally and historically. She is one of the only working pop stars who need not preoccupy herself with prevailing trends, or the work of her peers. She is an institution now, and that has allowed her freedom.

The powerhouse performance, however, is not immune to controversy. According to an article published by Page Six on Saturday, Beyoncé’s publicist sent an email to major publications the day before the concert asking that they not publish any fan photos of her, only the approved shots.

The Page Six article said:

It appears to be an attempt to prevent a replay of the situation after her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, when her team famously e-mailed BuzzFeed asking the Web site to take down a series of “unflattering photos” from a gallery of her showstopping performance.

Many people were not having it:

But others were quick to jump to her defense:

It seems perfectly reasonable to ask that publications use official photos of an event rather than fan photos. So let’s do away with this faux controversy and get to the important things…


H/T: Twitter, Page Six