Comedian John Mulaney Just Shared An Old Backstage SNL Photo—And It’s Glorious

On Saturday, comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney posted a hilarious backstage photo of the SNL cast from October 2008. Dressed like characters from the AMC period drama Mad Men, the cast demonstrates their level of commitment for the sake of a joke, easily deserving an “A” for effort.   

Take a look:

Requiring more than a quick glance to fully take everything in, the photo has a Where’s Waldo-level of detail. The more you look, the more you notice.

Twitter was more than happy to deconstruct it, quickly homing in on their favorite parts: 

A long-haired and bearded Colin Jost received a lot of attention:

As did Jason Sudeikis:

And Bill Hader had no haters: 

Some other standouts:

For the most part fans loved it, though a number of people noticed the cast’s lack of diversity:

There was one mystery person, but he was quickly identified:

But it was Hannah who asked the question on all our minds: 

H/T: Twitter