Justin Bieber Was A Dead Ringer For Matthew McConaughey When He Stopped By Coachella

Justin Bieber was hanging out at Coachella this weekend having a fine old time dancing along with the music and minding his own business. 

Although not sure what he was going for with the whole Hawaiian print grandpa thing he was rocking.

Perhaps he was just trying to fit in?

I mean, to really get the full effect, you gotta watch the Biebs shake his tail feathers in the most groovy way:

Although some felt they knew exactly what Bieber was going for.

Channeling Matthew McConaughey, of course:  

Here’s McConaughey on the set of his new film, where he plays, “a rebellious stoner named Moondog, who plays by his own rules,”…

And Twitter was here for the Hawaiian print twins:

Who do you think wore it best? 

H/T: Twitter Moments