Police Find A Missing Dog By Checking To See If He Sings Along To His Favorite Song 😭🐶

The age-old tale of a boy — or a man, in this case — being reunited with his dog is a classic tearjerker, and this story from Israel about officers helping a man find his missing dog appears to be no exception.

A resident of the town Beersheba reported his husky dog missing. Some time passed and police in the neighboring town of Tel Sheva happened upon a group of kids hanging out with a neglected-looking Siberian husky. When the cops inquired about the pooch, the children said they had just found it wandering around. One of the officers remembered the report of a missing dog in Beersheba. The police took the dog back with them to station, gave it some water, and contacted the missing dog’s human, asking him if he could come by to see if the mutt was his.

This is where the story takes an interesting turn. The man said his dog loved to sing to the themes of two popular children’s television programs, Israel’s Shemesh and Canada’s Arthur. The officers played the dog several other songs as a baseline for the dog’s reactions to music, and then moved on to the theme song for Shemesh, at which point the pooch burst into song, giving it his all as he howled along.

With the canine positively identified, his owner came to claim him in what turned out to be a very sweet reunion.

Watch the husky react to the song and then be reunited with its owner:

In 2015 an Australian dog was found in a similar way. Lost somewhere inside her home, her family found her with music:

Apparently, these are not the only dogs who can be found singing along:

Of course the touching tale warmed a few hearts:

This person must be referring to the Pink Floyd song “Dogs” from their classic album Animals. Though the English psychedelic rockers also have a song called “Dogs of War.”

Either that or they’re just being completely random:

Some took it as a directive for how we should all face the world:

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