Samsung Just Launched A Phone That Can’t Connect To The Internet—And People Are Torn

Everyone knows the dirty truth about smartphones. At their best, they can be incredibly helpful, but at their worst they’re the ultimate tool of distraction. Left unchecked, one could put off real work almost indefinitely by skimming through a Facebook feed, checking Twitter, catching up on the news, playing a game, or perusing any of the easily downloadable apps. For some students in South Korea, the endless distraction of their phones seems to be causing a real issue, so Samsung has come up with a novel solution: the J2 Pro, a smartphone that has no internet access at all.

People around the world are wondering… is that even possible?

To many Twitter users, the Samsung J2 seems like a throwback to a simpler time:

Still, some of the online feedback was pretty positive:

Though people did have a couple questions about how the phone would work:

The J2 certainly looks sleek, but its price tag is raising some eyebrows:

Not surprisingly, most Twitter users seemed wary of any product that would keep them offline:

But who knows? We could all stand to step away from the net for a little awhile.

H/T – Twitter, Mashable