These Epic Product Packaging Fails Are As Embarrassing As They Are Hilarious

Packaging is usually essential, but sometimes, it’s just totally extra.  

Products are usually packaged to keep them safe or fresh (if it’s some sort of perishable product) but sometimes companies will go a little overboard on packaging for no apparent reason whatsoever.

For example, these individually packaged oranges:

Well, some things REALLY don’t need plastic wrapped around them but that didn’t stop these people.

But for real.  It’s so….extra.



It’s about asking yourself, “Does my box need all this?”

And also, if you’re promoting yourself as helpful for the environment…..REALLY think about that.

For goodness’ sake, the earth is DYING people.

We have to be more responsible.

Et tu Chipotle? We expected better.

H/T: BoredPanda