Late Night Had A Field Day With The News That Sean Hannity Was Cohen’s Secret Client

Christmas came early this year to late night comedians. 

Late night talk show hosts, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert were handed comedic gold when it was revealed that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen had another famous client. It was none other than Fox News host, Sean Hannity. Cohen, at first, refused to say who the client was, but when pressed by a federal court judge, he admitted it was Hannity. 

The clicking of keyboards in comedy writing rooms was deafening. 

First up, Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, came out swinging, (after first, giving up thanks to God for this gift) showing a montage of a Hannity reporting on the FBI raid from a new perspective. Noah set up the clip saying:

Now we can see that Hannity wasn’t just mad, he was scared.

With an ongoing feud with Hannity, Jimmy Kimmel was too happy to point out that Cohen’s only other client besides Trump and Hannity was Elliott Broidy, former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, who used Cohen’s services to pay off a women for $1.6 million whom with he had an affair that resulted in the termination of her pregnancy. Kimmel also pointed out that Cohen seems to be the only lawyer who works for free. 

He also slammed Hannity for not being forthcoming about his connection to Cohen while reporting on the FBI raid.

For his part, Stephen Colbert could barely contain his glee while announcing the connection between Hannity, Trump and Cohen calling the whole scandal Hannity Insanity and referring to Cohen as a “sad neck with hair.” Colbert also offered a tip for President Trump saying:

When your lawyer needs a lawyer, you need a lawyer. 

Twitter was beside itself with this new twist in the scandal. 

Tune in next week to see what’s next. 

H/T: Mashable