Trump’s Ridiculously-Long Coat Has Us Wondering What’s Really Going On Here 🤔

Even before he was President, Donald Trump was known for his signature “style.” The inexplicable haircut, the garish skyscrapers, and gold-plated everything. 

Trump’s latest fashion choice, however, is a coat whose overall proportions, dimensions, and existence is confusing  everyone.  

After returning from a roundtable discussion on tax reform, President Trump exited Marine One and strolled towards the White House in an oversized lumpy blue coat that has caused the biggest Presidential fashion scandal since Obama’s tan suit.

I mean…

People wondered how a billionaire and the leader of the free world wasn’t able to find a more fashionable coat.

Fashion critiques aside, many were just curious as to why the coat was so misshapen.

And a theory emerged that just might explain everything about Trump.

He should probably leave it out of The Trump Collection®.

H/T – The Independent