Veganism Might Not Be As Cruelty-Free As You Think—And People Just Sounded Off About Why

Veganism has been on the rise in recent years, boasting a cruelty-free alternative to the traditional omnivore lifestyle most people have grown accustomed to. 

For those who aren’t familiar, veganism means removing all animal products from your diet as well as your lifestyle. For instance, vegans don’t eat animals or animal byproducts, such as eggs and milk, nor do they wear real animal fur, leather, silk, cashmere, etc. 

Among the more common reasons people decide to adopt this lifestyle is that it is supposedly cruelty-free. 

But some argue that veganism isn’t all that ethical and they’ve been sounding off on social media:

A debate ensued:

Some explained exactly why veganism is not for them:

And some who are pro-vegan countered with their own perspective:

Thank you, Raindog, for bringing some much needed perspective to the conversation:

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