Dad’s Scathing Letter To School After They Confiscated His Son’s Sweater Is On Point

It often seems like the education system’s sole purpose is to make kids (and sometimes parents) miserable. It’s as if teachers and school officials think the least bit of free will, rule bending, or self expression will result in total and complete juvenile delinquency, negating their mission to produce complacent, rule-abiding citizens. 

But kids (and most parents) know better. When English stand-up comedian and actor Seann Walsh (@SeannWalsh) posted an image of an old letter his father sent to his teacher, tactfully delivering a piece of his mind, the response across the Twittersphere was resoundingly supportive. 

Walsh was nine at the time and the letter addressed an incident with a confiscated sweater:

Twitter loved it:

And some took a moment to commiserate: 

Not to mention the laundry:

But sadly, it seems not much has changed:

Some people think the guy deserves a pat on the back, even if his laundry skills were lacking:

H/T: Twitter