A Dying 700-Year-Old Tree In India Is On An IV Drip—And Now We’ve Seen It All

Some extraordinary measures are being taken to try and protect the life of a 700-year-old tree in India. The bayan tree in Telangana, India, is the second largest one of its kind, covering three acres of land. The historical tree is a major tourist attraction in the Mahabubnagar district, but a large termite infestation threatened to kill it.

Forest officials originally tried spraying the tree with Chloropyrifos, a chemical pesticide, but that proved ineffective. Now they’ve hung a series of IV drips containing the chemical solution every two meters along the damaged sections of the tree. They hope the improvised saline drip will rid the tree of the infestation enough to allow it to heal itself.

Twitter users didn’t really know how to react to the tree on “life support”:

Some were upset by the extraordinary measures taken to save the tree:

Many, however, appreciated how the landmark tree is being cared  for:

We thought we’d seen it all, but an IV drip for a tree proved us wrong. But here’s a good question…

H/T – Twitter, The Quint