Ugandan President Thinks Oral Sex Should Be Banned Because ‘The Mouth Is For Eating’

Back in 2014, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act, effectively making it illegal to be gay. On top of that, the law made it illegal not to report someone you know to be gay. The Constitutional Court annulled the law, but the Ugandan President is once again making headlines with his regressive views on sex and sexual relations between consenting adults.

Last Friday, he decided to rail against oral sex:

In the video, he says:

Let me take this opportunity to warn our people publicly about the wrong practices indulged in and promoted by some of the outsiders. One of them is what they call oral sex. The mouth is for eating, not for sex. …We know the address of sex, we know where sex is.

Um, okay. Many people were having none of it:

Others decided to get reflective about their own relationships:

But mostly, people thought there were likely better ways for him to spend his time:

And didn’t know how he’d enforce the law:

And one man summed up what we were all thinking:

Let’s hope this doesn’t become the next bill he signs.

H/T: Twitter, BBC, Daily Mail, YouTube