Ariana Grande Just Shifted To A Low Ponytail—And Twitter Can’t Handle It

Ariana Grande fans, brace yourselves. We have something shocking to tell you. No, Ariana and Mac aren’t having a baby and (as far as we know) nobody has bought or sold Mariah Carey’s soul or anything like that. 

Yes, she’s dropping new music – but you guys probably already knew that. If you’ve somehow managed to miss the visual associated with the new music drop, this is going to come as a shock, but…

The ponytail is no longer sky high. Repeat: Ariana has lowered her iconic high ponytail. We’re going to be getting less of this: 

And a lot more of this:

That high ponytail is sort of Ariana’s defining visual feature! As an actress, we have seen her with all kinds of different styles. “Kat” had long loose red hair, “Penny” had that bouffant/pigtail combo; but Ariana and that high ponytail are the most stable Hollywood relationship we’ve ever seen. Still, nothing lasts forever.

Fans are like: 

Of course, some people are less-than-impressed with the  change or how much attention it’s getting.

We want to know where you fall on the not-so-Grande ponytail era. Are you here for it or do you want her I Dream of Jeannie realness back? 

H/T: Twitter